Neofront lounge sofa/Lounge Seating/ sofa space/fabric seating

Neofront brand Cusual sofa./ high-back sofa/Lounge/Acoustic partition High-back casual sofa Neofront high-back casual sofa is definitely the ideal product to buildan alternative individual working spaceFirm sit can supports long-time workOptional storage units and USB outlets are offered for efficient workTimber leg also meets the latest trends to create a cozy and homeyatmosphere in the office Matching list: Executive tables / File cabinet /Low cabinet/ Coffee table/ Sofa /lounge / Chairs/ Wardrobe/ Rear cabinet/ conference meeting table/ Executive room/ Duel workstations/Staff table/ Cabin / Partition/Division/Desks/Neofront/Atwork/puravia/poemoo/saosen brand/Nordic design/ Italian design/Modern design Neofront, supply the need to offer to the new mobile worker and inspiring destination outside of the traditional office space.